Our mission statement

When we come together and pray, God hears all of our voices and the intentions we lift up to Him. Prayer brings healing, and hope, and when we come together to pray, the healing and hope we receive is magnified. Come join us and pray.

What is prayer, and why do we do it?

Prayer is dialogue - it is asking for help, hope, healing, answers. Prayer is the beginning of a relationship with God where we grow in hope and faith that He hears us and will provide for us. It does not matter where we are at; whether we believe, are active in faith, or have fallen away, God meets us wherever we are at.

God wants us to rely on Him, and the more we pray, the easier it is to do that. Praying strengthens our hope in God, and the more we pray, the more we begin to see hope in whatever storm of life we are all weathering. God gives us hope, through our prayer, that can take us through anything we ever thought was not possible alone.

It is important to understand that what we pray for might not be answered in the way we hope, and this should not be where we give up hope. God is above us, and His ways are above us - know that His answers to our prayers are for our own good. If you are struggling to see why your prayers have not been answered or in a way you didn't expect, I challenge you to pray; "God, help me understand why you are doing this." Give God an inch and watch how far He takes you.

Catholic Intentions - Copyright 2019